Wild Socks was started with the mission of supporting wildlife conservation. That's why we donate 30% of gross profits from every box sold to conservation charities dedicated to safeguarding the animals featured on our socks. So with every pair, you help protect the future of your favourite animals in the wild. By making a statement with our bold and eye-catching designs, we also aim to help start conversations and spread awareness about wild animals and the threats they face. 

 Meet the Conservation Charities

The Reef-World Foundation

Reef World at Work

Reef-World is a UK charity leading the global implementation of the UN Environment Programme’s Green Fins initiative. Through education and capacity-building, Reef-World protects the world’s precious coral reefs by engaging with governments and the private sector to drive sustainable marine tourism practices.

Eco Barge Clean Seas

Eco Barge Clean Seas Releases Rescued Turtle

Eco Barge Clean Seas protects the marine life and aquatic environment of Australia's Whitsunday region, where six of the seven species of marine turtle can be found. In addition to providing care for sick and injured turtles, Eco Barge removes marine debris; reduces land-based litter to prevent local marine debris; and recycles and transforms ocean plastics to reduce landfill.

The Madagascar Whale Shark Project

The Madagascar Whale Shark Project studies the whale shark population off Nosy Be, Madagascar, focusing on research, conservation, and education. Their work includes researching the structure and socio-economic value of the population, implementing a code of conduct to regulate interactions with whale sharks, and leading community education programmes.

Ol Pejeta Conservancy

Located in central Kenya, Ol Pejeta Conservancy is home to the largest black rhino sanctuary in east Africa. Thanks to robust and successful anti-poaching efforts, Ol Pejeta has grown its black rhino population from 20 in 1993 to over 140 today, with plans to expand the population into neighbouring rangelands soon.

Grevy's Zebra Trust

Grevy's Zebra Trust working

Based in Northern Kenya, the Grévy's Zebra Trust (GZT) is the only organisation dedicated solely to the conservation of Grévy's zebra. GZT works in partnership with local communities to monitor Grévy's zebra. They also help preserve healthy rangelands, and advise on low-impact infrastructure development.

 Elephants Without Borders

Elephants Without Borders   

Based in Botswana, Elephants Without Boarders (EWB) supports an elephant population of over 200,000 ranging between five countries! EWB researches the behaviour and ecology of elephants, preserves wildlife corridors, mitigates human-wildlife conflict, leads community education, and rescues injured wildlife

 Antarctic and Southern Ocean Coalition

The Antarctic and Southern Ocean Coalition (ASOC) works to protect the continent of Antarctica and its surrounding Southern Ocean by supporting the designation of terrestrial and marine protected areas. ASOC also helps raise the profile of Antarctic climate change issues.

 South Georgia Heritage Trust

The South Georgia Heritage Trust (SGHT) helps efforts to conserve and protect indigenous species on South Georgia Island and in the surrounding oceans. The SGHT supports scientists such as the British Antarctic Survey in their research on Antarctic blue whales in the region.

Polar Bear Fund

The Polar Bear Fund (PBF) supports community-level conservation projects in Churchill, Canada, home to the largest migration of polar bears in the world. PBF projects include bear-proofing local bins, educating tourists on bear safety and rerouting hiking trails to mitigate human-wildlife conflict.